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God Bless America, and Sneakers

The definition of patriotic is as follows: having or expressing devotion to and vigorous support for one’s country.



This means many different things to many different people all over the world. This may range from fighting for your country or pulling on your pair of Olympic Jordan 6’s because you like the way the red, white and blue represent your flag. Whatever it is, there is nothing better then feeling proud to be a part of your country. For Loren Hilton he likes to combine his sneaker game with being in the U.S. Navy. Upon talking with Loren, I learned that apparently the Navy is rocking heat and we didn’t even know about it! I encourage all of those fighting for our country to show off your kick game and let your kick flag fly. This was special to hear and it made me even more proud of our troops then I already am. For those of you, including Loren, who fight, and have fought, so hard to protect our country we thank you.

Here is Loren’s uniform as well as him rocking the latest Air Jordan 3 “Infrared 23’s” that just dropped this past Saturday. We salute you and your kick game Loren!

You can follow Loren on Instagram at @thereallhizzle

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